Connecting Neurons...

Fischer-Baum wins NSF CAREER Awar

Rice Mar 19, 2018

Fischer-Baum wants to develop a neurocognitive theory of reading that can provide important insights into how people read words. This will potentially inform literacy education, the treatment of learning disabilities or the remediation of language loss after brain injury, he said.

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Dunn Awards support breakthrough research

Rice Jan 04, 2018

Three teams of scientists at Rice University and other Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC) institutions have earned research seed grants from the John S. Dunn Collaborative Research Awards.

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Nanotubes go with the flow

Rice Dec 18, 2017

Rice University researchers have invented a device that uses fast-moving fluids to insert flexible, conductive carbon nanotube fibers into the brain, where they can help record the actions of neurons.

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Tangled up in gray

Rice Oct 19, 2017

A new study by Rice University researchers takes a step toward what they see as key to the advance of neuroscience: a better understanding of the relationship between the brain’s flexibility and its modularity.

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Brain wiring affects task performance

Rice Oct 04, 2017

The way a person’s brain is “wired” directly impacts how well they perform simple and complex tasks, according to a new study from researchers at Rice University.

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O'Malley awarded IDEA grant

Rice Oct 03, 2017

O'Malley was awarded $75,000 through Rice University’s InterDisclipinary Excellence Awards (IDEA) to promote the development of new research or academic partnerships.

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NSF funds quest to better understand brain

Rice Aug 02, 2017

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a total of $5 million to two Houston-based research teams to develop new tools to better understand the behavior of neural networks.

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