Connecting Neurons...

August 3:

Vincent Pieribone

Duncan Hall 11 am

Genetically Encoded Voltage Indicators

Genetically encoded indicators of voltage offer the promise of less invasive monitoring of identified neuronal activity. Several fluorescent indicators have been developed but the use in in vivo experiments remains minimal. I will discuss efforts by our laboratory to produce indicators that perform better in in vivo experiments in mammalian cortex. This involves novel fluorescent protein discovery and engineering of indicator molecules as well as in vivo application in mammalian brain.

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May 26:

Justin Ruths '04

DH 1064 4 pm

Optimal Control of an Epileptic Neural Population Model

In this talk, I will present the model and a formulation of the seizure abatement goal expressed as an optimal control problem. I will show several results including a realistic, noise-driven simulation where the control is applied as needed in a moving window. Finally, I will present results from our ongoing work that investigates spatially heterogenous and patient specific models and stimuli.

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Rice, BCM sign interinstitutional agreement

Rice May 13, 2015

Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine have signed an interinstitutional agreement to facilitate research and teaching collaborations between the two private schools. Baylor has world-class faculty and facilities in the areas of genomics and neuroscience, and Rice students and faculty have shown great interest in expanding research and educational programs in these areas.

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