Connecting Neurons...

Rice team developing flat microscope for the brain

Rice Jul 12, 2017

Rice University engineers are building a flat microscope, called FlatScope TM, and developing software that can decode and trigger neurons on the surface of the brain. Their goal as part of a new government initiative is to provide an alternate path for sight and sound to be delivered directly to the brain.

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Easy tasks don't test brain's true complexity

Rice Jun 12, 2017

The human brain naturally makes its best guess when making a decision, and studying those guesses can be very revealing about the brain's inner workings. But neuroscientists at Rice and Baylor College of Medicine say a full understanding of the complexity of the human brain will require better real-world simulations.

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Tactile feedback adds 'muscle sense' to prosthetics

Rice May 31, 2017

Rice University engineers working to add “muscle sense” to prosthetic limbs found that tactile feedback on the skin allowed blindfolded test subjects to more than double their ability to discern the size of objects grasped with a prosthetic hand.

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Qutub Lab featured by NSF for Brain Awareness Week

Rice Mar 14, 2017

Brain cells communicate in social networks, too! NSF-funded researcher and Rice bioengineering professor Amina Qutub, and NSF Neuroengineering IGERT Fellow Arun Mahadevan were featured on the NSF Facebook page for their research.

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Rice team designs lens-free fluorescent microscope

Rice Mar 05, 2017

Lenses are no longer necessary for some microscopes, according to Rice University engineers developing FlatScope, a thin fluorescent microscope whose abilities promise to surpass those of old-school devices. FlatScope may be the world’s tiniest, lightest microscope for biological applications and beyond.

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