Connecting Neurons...

March 18:

Jonathan Viventi

DH 1064 4 pm

High-Resolution Brain Machine Interfaces using Flexible Silicon Electronics

Current implantable brain devices for clinical and research applications require that each electrode is individually wired to a separate electronic system. Establishing a high-resolution interface over broad regions of the brain is infeasible under this constraint, as an electrode array with thousands of passive contacts would require thousands of wires to be individually connected. To overcome this limitation...

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February 25:

Brad Holinski

BRC 280 4 pm

Bioelectronics: The Push Towards New Medicines

The functions and organ systems of our body are, to a significant extent, controlled by electrical signals that travel along the nerves. Bioelectronic medicines will aim to control biological processes and treat disease by modulating these electrical impulses...

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Symposium creates collaboration opportunities

Jason Krell, Jan 20, 2015

Arizona State University’s neuroscience community has such diverse research areas that it does not often come together as a group. But last week, the School of Life Science’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Neuroscience hosted its fifth research symposium, giving more than 100 scientists an opportunity to share their knowledge with each other.

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January 21:

Polina Anikeeva

Duncan Hall 4 pm

Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials for Neural Interrogation

The mammalian nervous system is often compared to an electrical circuit, and its dynamics and function are governed by ionic currents across the membranes of neurons. Many neurological disorders are characterized by inhibited/amplified neural activity in a particular region of the nervous system (e.g., depression) or lack of communication...

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Baraniuk awarded IEEE education medal

Rice Nov 26, 2014

Richard Baraniuk, the founder and director of OpenStax College and Rice’s Victor E. Cameron Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been named recipient of the 2015 IEEE James H. Mulligan Jr. Education Medal.

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