photo of Rice Neuroengineering Initiative faculty

WEBSITE(S)| Szablowski Lab - Noninvasive Neuroengineering at Rice University

Dr. Szablowski works on technologies for highly-precise interfacing with cells in deep tissues. He developed agents for MRI imaging, therapeutics that can be programmed to target different diseases, and methods of noninvasive control of specific neural circuits in living organisms. In the Laboratory for Noninvasive Neuroengineering, he continues to innovate in developing methodologies for controlling and monitoring cells in one of the most complex systems in nature – the mammalian brain.

B.Sc. Biological Engineering, MIT
Ph.D. Bioengineering, Dervan lab, Caltech
Postdoc, Chemical Engineering, Shapiro lab, Caltech

Burroughs Welcome Fund CASI finalist; NARSAD Young Investigator; iGEM 3rd place worldwide (Synthetic Standard Prize, Best new application, Best measurement); BMES/J&J Prize for excellence in biomedical research; Bauer fellowship; FUS Foundation poster prize; Physics Olympiad finalist