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“To me, the heart of our mission is very simple: it's to learn how the human brain works. The brain is an incredible organ, it acts in many ways as an electrical circuit - which is where engineering comes in. Neuroengineering is not a one person job. It's multidisciplinary, and we need funding, faculty, staff, partners, undergraduate students, graduate students and postdocs all working together toward our common goals. ”

- Benhaam Aazhang, Director, Rice Neuroengineering Initiative


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Lab Services Specialist


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H-Town, our home

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas: 4th largest city in the US, 1st most culturally diverse

Houston is more culturally diverse than any other city in the US, and Rice University's campus is in the heart of Houston’s Museum District, with the Texas Medical Center next door and museums, galleries and green spaces nearby. Learn more about our city:

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